The NFL is flailing as its racial strife strategy backfires

The NFL is flailing as its racial strife strategy backfires

The NFL just can’t seem to get out of its own way. After years of inaction on racial strife caused by the Colin Kaepernick-led protests, it delayed a rule requiring players to stand for the National Anthem while sending $90 million to organizations with left-wing social agendas. It let players claim America is a racist nation without consequences, but muzzled Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones because he wanted players to stand for the Anthem.

We at 2ndVote thought the NFL might have gotten its act together after the racial strife protests dribbled to almost nothing in the 2018-2019 season. We were wrong. Instead, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and rapper Jay-Z buddied it up at a press conference earlier this month. They announced a social justice partnership which will give credence to Kaepernick’s racial strife and have Jay-Z perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Talk about a nice two-fer – Jay-Z gets to justify race-baiting while getting on the most-watched stage in the country. He’s clearly a savvy businessman. Meanwhile, the average NFL fan gets to be lectured yet again that America is allegedly a racist nation where police routinely target black men for death. 

Jay-Z clearly got the long straw while fans got the shaft. But the NFL hasn’t exactly gotten itself out of the race hole it has dug. It is under attack from both sides of the political spectrum. First, it was Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren. Then it was Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid – a Kaepernick supporter, former ESPN host and race-baiter Jemele Hill, and NBC’s Monte Pool who blasted the NFL from the left. Reid, Hill, and Pool say the NFL isn’t doing enough to stand up for Kaepernick and the racial strife he supports.

The NFL could have avoided all of this had it just stuck to business – putting great games in front of millions of fans. As it is, the league will continue to alienate much of its fan base, many of its corporate sponsors, and some players. 2ndVote Americans should let the league know that you want them to stick to football – or you’ll stick it to the NFL.