The Salvation Army Needs to Focus on Serving People

The Salvation Army Needs to Focus on Serving People

Two years ago, 2ndVote was one of many organizations which stood behind The Salvation Army (currently a 3.67) when Chick-fil-A (2.08) dropped its donations over woke Twitter’s dislike of a conservative Christian non-profit getting funds from a Christian business. We were therefore disgusted and disappointed to see that The Salvation Army had taken it upon itself to bow down to the Left’s view of race and racism.

National Review Online has the full story; the short version is that The Salvation Army published a series of documents which implies that white people are inherently racist, and that racism is everything from hatred of people of other skin colors to – and we are quoting here – “a well-intentioned Sunday School curriculum that only uses white photography and imagery.”

This latter line is in the Racism Study Guide – a truly disappointing document, especially because the 2017 International Position Statement on racism is actually in line with Christian principles of equality under God. The Salvation Army says it has withdrawn the Guide in light of backlash, and we have verified that their CRT documents and doctrines are unavailable online. Their support for the LGBTQ community, including funding for Pride parades, and funding of third party organizations that support Common Core are also deviations from their core mission.

The Salvation Army has literally done God’s work for the poorest of people in America and around the world. No organization is perfect; 2ndVote Americans know that better than most. And we live in complicated times, where legacy groups like The Salvation Army are scrambling to remain up to speed on quickly changing cultural values while not violating their core values. 

Therefore, we’ll give The Salvation Army the benefit of the doubt – for now. We currently rank them as slightly conservative (3.67) because of their general political neutrality, their support for unborn children, and their support for Basic Freedoms. Until last week’s revelation, we and tens of millions of other Americans truly believed they had stuck with their core values. With this new published and withdrawn material, our researchers are closely checking for any changes from their previous stances. You can find any changes to Salvation Army’s score on our website

Do not forget to use your voice by contacting the Salvation Army to let them know how you feel about their socio-political policies and the publications of their Social Justice committee. The instant backlash they received over the last week is evidence that YOU can make a difference.