This Week’s Scores At-A-Glance, 3/31/22

This Week’s Scores At-A-Glance, 3/31/22

Our goal at 2ndVote is to keep you informed on causes that corporations are supporting with your money, in order to assure that they are held accountable for their actions.

Entities that have been added or updated include the following:

Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (3.03)

Clearwater Paper Corporation (3.03)

World Acceptance Corporation (3.00)

Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. (2.96)

Community Health Systems, Inc. (3.03)

SurModics, Inc. (3.00)

MYR Group, Inc. (3.00)

ProPetro Holding Corporation (3.00)

Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (3.00)

PetMed Express, Inc. (3.00)

HomeStreet, Inc. (3.00)

RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. (2.79)

MarineMax, Inc. (2.96)

Summit Hotel Properties, Inc. (3.03)

America’s Car-Mart, Inc. (3.17)

Capri Holdings Ltd. (2.71)

R1 RCM, Inc. (1.00)

Cleveland-Cliffs, Inc. (1.95)

MicroStrategy, Inc. (3.03)

Brooks Automation, Inc. (2.88)

YETI Holdings, Inc. (3.00)

Saia, Inc. (3.03)

Omnicell, Inc. (3.03)

Chart Industries, Inc. (3.00)

NeoGenomics, Inc. (3.00)

When applicable, better alternatives have been implemented at the bottom of each company’s page to provide a helpful tool to assist conservatives. If you can, shop with businesses that support your values and not those of a crooked social agenda.