This Week’s Scores At-A-Glance, 6/23/17

This Week’s Scores At-A-Glance, 6/23/17

Our goal at 2ndVote is to keep you informed on causes that corporations are supporting with your money, in order to assure that they are held accountable for their actions.

Entities that have been updated this week include the following:

Bank of America
Berkshire Hathaway
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Our research revealed some major news this week, as we discovered that Patagonia serves as a big funder of Planned Parenthood. As the nation’s largest abortion provider, any business that contributes thousands of dollars to the organization, like Patagonia has, is inevitably taking a stance on the issue.

We also learned that Planned Parenthood contributed close to $1 million dollars to a political campaign in Georgia, so Patagonia’s funding not only paid for abortions, but it also could have gone towards electing a pro-abortion Member of Congress. Keep this in mind the next time you shop with any of the companies listed on our Planned Parenthood resource page.

On a more positive note, your conservative scores are in: 1-800-Flowers and Abbott both serve as great options. Remember that 1-800-Flowers also owns brands such as Harry and David, The Popcorn Factory and Moose Munch Popcorn, so if you’re buying any of these brands, you are in the clear of the liberal agenda.

We will continue to provide you with information like this to consider. Remember that you can make the decision to shop your values. Be sure to download our free app from the App Store or Google Play to see all the scores in our database and join us in the fight against corporate activism.

You will find contact buttons located at the top of each page where you can easily reach out to companies in regards to their corporate advocacy.