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Three Years Past Obergefell: From “Equality” To Totalitarianism

Three years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that marriage must constitutionally be expanded to include people in same-sex sexual relationships. Back then, LGBT activists said they simply wanted “equality” through the expansion of legal rights, but the marriage debate has quickly spring-boarded the left to a new assault on conservative principles.

Now it is Christians who are fighting for the basic American values of religious liberty and free speech. With so-called “Pride Month” ending tomorrow, 2ndVote wanted to ensure that readers are aware of the corporations which stand behind the LGBT movement’s totalitarianism.

Probably the most important corporate backers of LGBT activism are those which stand behind the Human Rights Campaign. This is an organization which literally rewards efforts to crush religious liberty and left at least one advocate of traditional sexual values concerned for his and his family’s safety. Four corporations which don’t deserve your second vote dollars are Target, Starbucks, PayPal, and Apple — all of which provide financial and other support to radical LGBT activism.

These corporations aren’t just supporting the Human Rights Campaign’s redefinition of marriage. They are standing behind this totalitarian organization’s bullying of North Carolina, Georgia, and Indiana over common-sense measures to protect businesses, religious organizations, and women in restrooms. Then-Indiana governor Mike Pence quickly capitulated to pressure in 2015, and his state’s measure was overturned just a week after Pence signed it into law.

We found that Apple and Starbucks joined this disinformation campaign. We also noted that PayPal’s alleged desire for “equality” in North Carolina did not prevent it from doing business in dictator-run Cuba. Shockingly, PayPal and Apple also hopped onto the Human Rights Campaign’s effort to declare that baker Jack Phillips shouldn’t have the right to bring his religious views into his own business practices.

Finally, Apple and Target have long supported the Human Rights Campaign’s push for the dishonestly-framed “Equality Act.” If enacted, this measure would make it illegal for millions of businesses and other institutions to run their businesses as they see fit.

As they say, the times — they are a-changing. This is perhaps seen no more starkly than in how “equality” and “tolerance” have been replaced with government enforcement of LGBT ideology. It’s also notable that three years ago, LGBT activists said they wanted same-sex sexual couples to be given special treatment. Now, they declare that anyone who believes biological sex is consistent despite how a person feels is nothing short of a bigot.

Starbucks, Target, Apple, PayPal — these groups are the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Not spending your second vote dollars on them will be a strong warning to other corporations that Americans don’t want corporations using government to enforce radical LGBT totalitarianism.

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  • Ethan Curtis

    I would SO love to ditch Apple… But no one makes products as good as them! Especially if you need a powerful computer you can really depend on. I love their products, hate the company. Do any of you know a company that makes their products at an equally high standard???

    • RedStateWannabe

      Ethan, I too enjoy Apple products, but I buy “2nd hand” which means my money does not go into Apple’s pockets. It also saves me a lot because their new stuff is way to over priced. Just my 2 cents…

      • Ethan Curtis

        Great advice. I needed something that could store a TON of files and last a long time, so I ended up buying it new… Yeah, they charge way too much for their phones!

        • Spectrum

          The extra profits they make from you go towards funding legal actions against Christians and promotion of perversion e.t.c.. Find another product.

          • Ethan Curtis

            Can you recommend one? I know that Samsung is also very liberal.

          • Spectrum

            No good asking me, I don’t use mobile / cell phones of any kind. Never have, never will. I despise the things.

            But checking the 2nd Vote corporate page will tell you which ones NOT to support – i.e. the ones with the low scores. The rest should therefore be fine.

    • Cliff Spectre

      If it’s an inconvenience that stands between selling the rope to hang ourselves with or not, it appears we’ll go ahead and sell the rope.

  • RealAmerican407

    I am proud to say that Starbucks, Apple and Target don’t get my money…

    I am guilty of using PayPal for personal and business though.

  • Slaw76

    The homosexual agitators didn’t, and don’t, want “equality.” Had they truly wanted “equality,” they wouldn’t have agitated to legally deform marriage and demanded that a legal fiction be created that homosexual relationships are capable of being “marriages.” Instead, the would have either opted to marry (i.e., one person of the opposite sex), or not. This is because all people were already equally capable of marrying (one person of the opposite sex, not too closely related, and of age with sound mind). That’s not what they wanted. The homosexual normalization lobby wanted to give the veneer, the pretense of normality to their inherently abnormal sexual behavior.

    Finally, why do Christians and Conservatives writers continue to use the Left’s euphemistic, misleading language, like “LGBT,” rather than accurate and plain language, like “homosexual” or “homosexual lobby” or “sexually deviant lobby”? “LGBT” is meant to disguise what’s being discussed because, notwithstanding the current oh-so-fashionable attitudes of a small mob of post-modernists, most people still have unfavorable opinions of homosexual behavior and the attendant degenerate culture.

    • ChuckW

      Twice I (one who has dealt with same-sex attraction, never “gay”, a false identity) wrote members of the Supreme Court prior to the unconstitutional 2015 decision by the 5 UNsupremes, and pleaded for integrity of language. I recommended to them that (just as 2 lines joined at one end are angles and we use three different words – right, acute, obtuse – to name 3 different relationships) the law could recognize committed male/male and female/female relationships,but use a unique term for each, leaving marriage to name a male/female relationship as it had been used throughout history. I also pointed out that nowhere in the Constitution was any branch of government given the right to re-define words. Yet, that was the sleight-of-hand they used in their decision. They could not invoke the “equal protection” clause without assuming a re-definition of marriage. Their decision should not be recognized as valid.
      Trying to “normalize” the abnormal is what it is all about. Even church’s now are turning Judas.

    • I use “homoerotic activist” or “Big Sodomy.”

    • Spectrum

      “….most people still have unfavorable opinions of homosexual behavior and the attendant degenerate culture….”.

      We’d like to think that’s true. Unfortunately too many people, including many Christians who ought to know better, have been seduced by the “equal rights” agenda into not only tolerating homosexual perversion but accepting it and even CELEBRATING it ! They have been conditioned into this mentality by an insidious, systematic psychological campaign to change the heterosexual majority’s mind on this issue. Because some people have homosexual friends or relatives, they have become comfortable with sin and don’t see anything wrong with it. Well GOD sees a lot wrong with it. It goes against His natural design for mankind. He condemns all forms of sexual sin that are outside of a marital union of a man and woman. And His attitude on this doesn’t change according to the social whims of society. “For I am the lord, I change not…”. ( Malachi 3;6 )

      Here’s a background on the gay agenda, and when reading it, you can see how far they’ve been able to con the normal population into giving them all they wanted ( with more to come ) ;

      “….Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter….”. ( Isaiah 5;20 )

    • CumExApostolatus

      The tried and true word is “sodomites”.

  • Allie Davis

    And We the People suffer the effects of another wrong decision by the Supreme Court, like the Obama Care decision, like the decision mandating we admit illegal aliens to our schools, like the badly written Roe v. Wade decision. Just goes to show members of the Court are not Gods, they are people, and as such, make mistakes.

    • Spectrum

      The same-sex “marriage” decision wasn’t a mistake. It was a DELIBERATE legal contrivance devised to impose this obscenity upon all 50 states without first testing the issue by referenda. Justice Ginsburg should have recused herself from the case as she was clearly involved in a conflict of interest – her attitude already demonstrated by the fact that she officiated at a same- sex “wedding” at about the same time the case was being heard ! By LAW, she should have stepped down, but didn’t. And nothing was done about it !

      Here’s an analysis of this legal sham ;

  • Major Air Force✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ


  • paintinc56

    Why do you think that after 40 years of Hollywood “normalizing” ho mo s ex the leftist globalist communist billionaire cabal suddenly became ardent supporters of the ho mo movement? Can communism flourish where there is a strong Christian influence, NO. Every communist $ hithole, & by communist I am including socialism & marxism since they are just slightly varying versions, attacks Christianity & erases it from the public square.

  • Hercules Einstein

    I haven’t been to Target or used Paypal in over 2 years and I haven’t missed a thing. I put my money in companies that don’t try to undermine basic values and decency.

  • kabunkkabunk

    The times, they ARE a changin’.

    • Spectrum

      God’s attitude attitude on this doesn’t change according to the social whims of society. “For I am the lord, I change not…” – ( Malachi 3;6 )