Three Years Past Obergefell: From “Equality” To Totalitarianism

Three Years Past Obergefell: From “Equality” To Totalitarianism

Three years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that marriage must constitutionally be expanded to include people in same-sex sexual relationships. Back then, LGBT activists said they simply wanted “equality” through the expansion of legal rights, but the marriage debate has quickly spring-boarded the left to a new assault on conservative principles.

Now it is Christians who are fighting for the basic American values of religious liberty and free speech. With so-called “Pride Month” ending tomorrow, 2ndVote wanted to ensure that readers are aware of the corporations which stand behind the LGBT movement’s totalitarianism.

Probably the most important corporate backers of LGBT activism are those which stand behind the Human Rights Campaign. This is an organization which literally rewards efforts to crush religious liberty and left at least one advocate of traditional sexual values concerned for his and his family’s safety. Four corporations which don’t deserve your second vote dollars are Target, Starbucks, PayPal, and Apple — all of which provide financial and other support to radical LGBT activism.

These corporations aren’t just supporting the Human Rights Campaign’s redefinition of marriage. They are standing behind this totalitarian organization’s bullying of North Carolina, Georgia, and Indiana over common-sense measures to protect businesses, religious organizations, and women in restrooms. Then-Indiana governor Mike Pence quickly capitulated to pressure in 2015, and his state’s measure was overturned just a week after Pence signed it into law.

We found that Apple and Starbucks joined this disinformation campaign. We also noted that PayPal’s alleged desire for “equality” in North Carolina did not prevent it from doing business in dictator-run Cuba. Shockingly, PayPal and Apple also hopped onto the Human Rights Campaign’s effort to declare that baker Jack Phillips shouldn’t have the right to bring his religious views into his own business practices.

Finally, Apple and Target have long supported the Human Rights Campaign’s push for the dishonestly-framed “Equality Act.” If enacted, this measure would make it illegal for millions of businesses and other institutions to run their businesses as they see fit.

As they say, the times — they are a-changing. This is perhaps seen no more starkly than in how “equality” and “tolerance” have been replaced with government enforcement of LGBT ideology. It’s also notable that three years ago, LGBT activists said they wanted same-sex sexual couples to be given special treatment. Now, they declare that anyone who believes biological sex is consistent despite how a person feels is nothing short of a bigot.

Starbucks, Target, Apple, PayPal — these groups are the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Not spending your second vote dollars on them will be a strong warning to other corporations that Americans don’t want corporations using government to enforce radical LGBT totalitarianism.

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