Today’s Marriage Culture Leaves Young Adults Torn

Young adults today are not exactly sure how to feel about marriage, and growing up in an unstable society of divorce, along with media-driven portrayals of marriage, plays a big role. According to The Daily Signal, marriage is both an aspiration and a fear, and as a sad result:

“[Y]oung Americans are left on the outside looking in, admiring marriage but paralyzed with anxiety about becoming another divorce statistic.”

The shocking divorce rate in this country has led to a decline in marriage, but it is not an ideal that is out of reach. Many desire matrimony that is genuine and faithful, and that beats the odds of failed relationships they may have seen along the way. It is up to this nation to join in unison to set a better example for the coming generations.

However, when hundreds of corporate giants are funding organizations like the HRC (our country’s biggest supporter of same-sex marriage), it is easy to see why young adults today might be confused. This advocacy group is working everyday to destroy the traditional values that built America, and individuals and leaders must begin to fight back. Learn which companies are funding the HRC here, and see how all companies scored by 2ndVote stand on the Marriage issue here.