Tomorrow, Use Your 1stVote To Stand For 2ndVote Values

Tomorrow, Use Your 1stVote To Stand For 2ndVote Values

Political pundits, campaigns, and partisans say tomorrow’s midterm elections are the most important ever. We won’t go that far, but we do urge you to vote your values.

2ndVote is named because we believe that the first vote you cast is in the voting booth. This is the most important one; it plays a direct role in the future of everything from your school board to your state to the nation and the world. After that vote comes your economic vote, that vote you make with every purchase of products or services. These green votes tell companies how they should act in the political arena — if they should engage in political action at all.

The person or persons for whom you vote in tomorrow’s elections are those you believe are the best to lead your community — locally, regionally, statewide, and nationally — into a better and brighter future. We hope that you’ll consider 2ndVote values of marriage, unborn life, religious liberty, smart environmental and immigration policies, better education policies, and respect for the Second Amendment as you mark the candidate of your choice.

May God Bless your decision tomorrow, and may He Bless America as we fight to uphold our nation’s traditional values.

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