Treat Yourself to the Right Shopping this Halloween

Treat Yourself to the Right Shopping this Halloween

Americans will spend over $10 billion this year treating and tricking their families, friends, and neighbors. This is despite local, state, and national mandates and “recommendations” to avoid actually spending time with those for whom we care. 

2ndVote knows that you want to treat everyone to the best candy, costumes, and decorations as Halloween approaches. This includes spending your money with retailers who respect your values. Therefore, we’ve uncovered a number of companies which run the gamut from respecting your values to outright trying to shut your values down.

We’ll address the companies to avoid next week. This week, we want to urge you to shop at three companies which put customers ahead of politics:

  • Spirit Halloween (3.15) is what it sounds like – a company which specializes in everything Halloween! They also specialize in putting you first; because they rank a 3.15 on the 2ndVote scale, indicating neutral company policies and donations which may lean slightly conservative. Some research from our 2ndVote team suggests that Spirit Halloween’s scores for each issue remains neutral except for a particularly positive score of 3.90 in the Life category for their $77 million fundraised for their Spirit of Children program to donate to Child Life departments of 147 different hospitals.

  • H-E-B (3.03) is another company which prioritizes customers over politics. We rank them at a 3.03 – effectively politically neutral, and definitely making sure their groceries aren’t violating your values. H-E-B receives neutral scores for all but three categories, those categories,  their scores, and reasoning are as follows:

    -Education receives a 3.30 score because they support Texas State education standards where Common Core has been rejected.
    -Environment holds a 3.30 score because they practice environmental policies that demonstrate stewardship.
    -Basic Freedoms represents their lowest score of 2.55 because they cut ties with MyPillow over views of CEO Mike Lindell on the 2020 election.

  • Great Pretenders (3.00)  is a small costume and accessories business that went large – but they’ve stayed true to serving customers instead of serving the constantly-changing nature of woke politics. Because Great Pretenders scores evenly with 3.00 scores in every category, we rank them at a solidly neutral 3.00 – putting them in line with our ideal of putting you first. 

With the pandemic continuing to impact all of our lives, we want you to treat yourself – and trick your friends – as much as possible this Halloween. Let’s start with putting your hard-earned 2ndVote dollars where they belong!

As always, we encourage you to reach out to these companies to thank them for prioritizing their customers’ needs over divisive messages and antics. YOUR voice can truly make a difference, so contact them through our 2ndVote page with these links here: Spirit Halloween, H-E-B, and Great Pretenders.