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Twitter Is Censoring These Pro-Life Ads

Despite Twitter’s best efforts to silence their pro-life message, Human Coalition reported 14 babies were rescued today bringing the total number of lives saved to 8,402.

In fact, Human Coalition’s outreach strategy is so effective, the pro-abortion left is desperate to block their work. And, tech companies like Twitter are all too willing accomplices in the censorship efforts.

Last month, Twitter barred these three Human Coalition ads from its platform marking the third time in recent months a pro-life organization has been censored:

In 2017, Twitter demanded Live Action remove pro-life content and images from its website and SBA List’s video advertisement was blocked because it using the phrase “killing babies” to describe abortion.

Apparently, the pro-abortion left has been very effective at enlisting major tech companies to do their dirty work. Remember, Human Coalition’s prayer app was removed from the App Store after Apple caved to pressure from abortion activists.

Yet, Human Coalition’s work continues and they passed along a statement to 2ndVote earlier today:

This is a time of unprecedented censorship and suppression of pro-life voices. Between social media silencing, free speech battles pro-life clinics are fighting at the Supreme Court, and the abortion lobby’s constant disinformation campaigns against the work of pro-life advocates, we are reminded that darkness hates the light. With that in mind, we will stand firm in speaking truth, serving women, and rescuing children until the abortion genocide is ended and human rights are restored.

You can also stand firm in speaking truth with Human Coalition and 2ndVote by signing the petition here and by sending a message with us directly to Twitter:

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  • MindsBulb

    Let’s boycott Fakebook and Twatter!!! Suckerberg also supports Planned Parenthood. If we need social media, we can use Minds instead (also because they don’t spy on us – they have encrypted messenger and open source apps).

    • RichM

      Boycott? How about copy and pasting the ads into your timeline?

      • MindsBulb

        Using your existing accounts on mainstream social media for advertising alternative ones may also be a good strategy. However, if you don’t remove the profile, your friends may expect that you’re still using it and keep their own profiles to communicate with you.

    • Paul Raymond

      Facebook itself isn’t listed as a corporate partner of Planned Parenthood on 2nd vote. As for Zuckerberg himself, I don’t know.

      As for Twitter, I don’t see them either on 2nd vote for Planned Parenthood. As for their CEO Jack, I don’t know. I know Jack gave $500,000 for the anti-gun March for Our Lives.

    • Gab is an alternative

      • Me

  • Jane

    I wonder why these people can’t (or don’t want to) see the correlation between this and the Holocaust? It’s like they are the Nazis and if you put something on their against Hitler and his killing of the Jews, they would take that down, too? Abortion IS the new Holocaust and Planned Unparenthood is not concerned with women who WANT to choose life for their baby; they are only “concerned” about the ones who want to murder their own flesh and blood so they can continue to make millions of dollars. Satan is dancing because of how little human beings value their own… defend the lives of animals, trees, or the ocean more than human beings is disgraceful and we will pay for it. The Lord won’t tolerate this much longer.


      Well, which is the DEADLIEST of the seven deadly sine? Yup…PRIDE! A priest friend once told me that only EVIL people would go to Hell. Anyone who supports the MURDER of unborn babies, funds it, commits it or pays for it to take place is EVIL. of course I don’t mean we whose TAXES are confiscated to give to Planned Pinfanticide…we can’t directly help that. But we CAN vote for people who WILL support a “Life at Conception” Bill in Congress. I just can’t understand a person declaring that this child must DIE. Be MURDERED. That it’s not HUMAN. What have we COME to? It’s Barbaric! The Gravest of SIN. It’s what we declare as Pagan in Mayan Sacrifice. Ancient Roman Child Sacrifice. Yet, the elites, the illumenati among us promote it. Politicians and Supreme Court Justices must be held accountable here. If they don’t make this RIGHT, they WILL be held accountable at their death. And it WON’T be at ALL pretty. Pray HARD to End Abortion!

      • Jane

        Agreed!! God have mercy on us!!!! Jesus, Mary, Joseph pray for us!

        • Paul Raymond

          Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. Don’t pray to Mary or Joseph. They can’t help you.

          • Jane

            You are mistaken. Do you ever ask someone to pray for you or does anyone ask you to pray for them? Mary and Joseph are in Heaven looking on the face of our Lord right this minute. Who better to ask to intercede for us then them? Try it, you’ll be surprised.

      • Paul Raymond

        But the Bible says that ALL have sinned. All means ALL. We all will go to Hell unless we admit we are sinners and ask Christ to save us and believe that He died on the Cross to save us.

        As for murder, God saved both the Apostle Paul and King Manasseh, who killed loads of people. Manasseh even burned some of his own kids on a pagan altar! And Paul, as Saul, killed both men and women ruthlessly!

        Also, most likely, the pagan idol worship Solomon picked up, and instituted, from his foreign wives, also included child sacrifice.


          And the Sixth Commandment still tells us, “Thou shalt NOT commit murder”. If someone accidentally runs his truck into your car and damages it, it is finished for him to say, “Oh, I’m sorry. Bye”? Or is it necessary for him to make reparation for your loss? Did St. Paul make reparation to God? (I think I hear you saying “yes”) God The Father taught the Israelites how to live through the leadership of Moses and Aaron, in the desert. Many would not listen and comply. Many were killed. Later, the Jews’ pride steered them AWAY of the Second Great Commandment. Jesus came to SHOW us how to live. We must RESPECT the LIFE of our neighbor. IF we transgress in any way, we MUST make reparation….to the person and To God. To MURDER another human being (the argument against its’ humanity is absurd), especially as TOTALLY INNOCENT as this baby must make God WEEP!

      • Paul Raymond

        As for abortion, I believe that the Spartans left children they deemed “unfit” to die, as they wanted only the best warriors in their society. Rome allowed people to abandon their own children if they didn’t want them and even made it a capital crime to try and save the kids, yet Christians risked their lives to save them. The fact that we’re not doing more to try and stop Roe vs. Wade is showing how far we’ve fallen!

  • libsrtheh8ters

    Facefvck’s new algorithm targets conservatives, Amazon erased reviews of conservative authors, Twatter shadow banning, demonetizing & blocking conservatives & using the far left hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center, to police their site & Google banning conservative ads & skewing their search results to harm conservative businesses & sites. Yes, the leftist globalist communist billionaire cabal is going all out to silence & destroy the conservative message before the midterms. Trump needs to go out & hold rallies to directly address the voters as he did when he was running for president & we need to keep exposing the leftist billionaire owned media & their bought & paid for leftist political who res. The leftist propaganda spewing media have done a great job of brainwashing the masses into believing Democrats are for the poor & oppressed when they actually represent leftist Wall Street millionaires & billionaires.

  • Me

    We need to get that fat douchpickle soros!! And his demon seed kids!! Kill the snake at the neck and the rest will wiggle aimlessly!!

  • glenbo

    If 900 unwanted children are born daily, who will pay for their food stamps, rent assistance and healthcare?