United Way Chapters

United Way is the world’s largest privately funded non-profit organization and raises over $5 billion every year. Across the United States, a coalition of 1,129 United Way chapters partner with businesses, civic organizations, educational institutions, healthcare providers and more with many decisions made on the local level. United Way claims neutrality on the Life issue, but many chapters have financially supported Planned Parenthood programs. According to United Way’s own admission, an estimated 5-6% of local chapters have financial ties.

In 2015, 2nd Vote created the Pro-Life Guide to United Way to provide conservatives with a free resource that shows which chapters do contribute to Planned Parenthood.  The latest update with the most recent publicly available financial documents show 57 United Way affiliates donating to the abortionist. Our research team updates the information each year and has linked the supporting documentation.

Recently, United Way updated a position statement dismissing affiliate support for Planned Parenthood as “only a small number.” Well, if a Planned Parenthood abortion costs up to $950, the $2.5 million funneled through United Way would pay for at least 2,901 procedures in a single year. Does that sound like “only a small number” to you?

Use the guide below to know if your donations could be supporting Planned Parenthood’s operations and pro-abortion advocacy. This page was updated on December 10, 2019.


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