UPDATE: New Emails Suggest Possible Collusion Between Oregon BOLI and Activist Group

As we noted yesterday, The Daily Signal has uncovered communications between Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industry and Basic Rights Oregon, an LGBT advocacy organization, suggestion collusion in the decision to fine owners of a bakery that refused to participate in same-sex weddings.

UPDATE: The Klein Family is now speaking out about the possible collusions between the commissioner of the state agency tasked with recommending their fine for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding and a prominent Oregon LGBT group:

Brad Avakian, the commissioner for the Bureau of Labor and Industries, is supposed to make the final judgment in the case this month by determining whether the recommended fine should be raised, lowered or kept the same.

“I had a gut feeling that he was in cahoots with [Basic Rights Oregon] from the get go,” Aaron Klein said. “We already knew that he had a premeditated idea about what was going on.”

Both he and his wife believe the commissioner should recuse himself from the case.

The entire article can be read here.

2nd Vote’s research has found that many major corporations are financial supporters of Basic Rights Oregon. From the group’s annual reports we have found that the following are listed as donors:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
JP Morgan Chase
Bank of America
U.S. Bank

Another familiar name, the Human Rights Campaign, was also listed in the top donor category to Basic Rights Oregon.

You can see where many of these companies stand on all the issues by downloading the free app here.

Check back as we will update this story as it develops.