Updated: Pro-Life Guide to United Way

Updated: Pro-Life Guide to United Way

Every year since 2015, 2ndVote has updated an exhaustive list of United Way and its chapters’ contributions to the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.

Today, we are unveiling this year’s research, which covers the tax year of 2017.

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Adding on to previous years’ research, we analyzed over 1,200 United Way chapter financial statements to find out if your donated money is funding Planned Parenthood. We have listed the dollar amount, the difference between this year and the last, and the link to where we find our information so you can see for yourself.

The number of United Way chapters donating to Planned Parenthood dropped from 62 last year to 57 this year, and the total amount of money donated to Planned Parenthood dropped by $279,895.40.

Our research is currently up-to-date, but new financial statements and forms are always coming out. We will update this page as new documentation becomes available.

You can our data and findings here, or under our “Featured Content” tab at the top of our website -> “United Way Chapters”.

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