Vaccine Mandates Violate Basic Freedoms

Vaccine Mandates Violate Basic Freedoms

One of the most critical issues here at 2ndVote is Basic Freedoms, second only to sanctity of life. Across the United States – even the world – we have seen an unprecedented wave of government bodies suppressing our basic freedoms in the name of “public safety” from the COVID-19 virus and its many variants. We see little or no good argument for suppressing personal freedoms even in the face of a virus that has killed millions (0.068%) globally in the last two years.  

At 2ndVote, we believe these basic freedoms apply to our personal lives, our professions, our social activities, our healthcare and more. We believe that our freedoms are tied to both freedoms of our fellow man and observance of laws of the land. We believe it is our duty, as Americans, to defend personal liberties and the rights we enjoy that are guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the United States. Indeed, it is our job to defend our rights against all forces – both “foreign and domestic” – that may violate our rights at every level. 

In light of these beliefs, people across the United States have seen their liberties restricted by both governments and corporations. Government agencies have responded with varying degrees of extremism – some bordering on tyrannical – to the pandemic. Perhaps in the beginning, a measure of over-responsiveness was excusable, but as the public becomes more informed and capable of responding for individual needs, these knee-jerk responses from the government becomes less and less tolerable. Similarly, corporate America, other consumer corporations, and general employers should presume less control and lean more on the individuals’ self-control. 

2ndVote has made an effort to compile information on levels of government and corporations that have exercised excessive control over we the people, as well as those that have acknowledged the power of personal liberty. Obviously some of these companies have imposed requirements based on their location in far-left states or cities, but we simply refuse to submit to companies that say “we just follow orders” when accumulating our research. ” As you consider where you want to shop and work, we hope you will choose the same. We hope you will choose to prioritize your personal liberties and basic freedoms. UPDATE: We encourage you to check the oft-updated database here

Companies Currently Imposing Covid Vaccine Mandates on Employees:

Sources are cited at the end of this document. Note that dates on sources vary over the last few weeks.

On the other hand, some companies have stood up and said they will not impose draconian mandates on their employees. We hail these actions as heavily in support of personal freedom and doing what is right. 

Something every business must ask is how its policies will affect the bottom line. According to a recent poll by The Trafalgar Group, 42.7% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company if they refuse vaccine mandates for employees, while only 34.7% are less likely. We are certain that we have left many, many companies off this list; the mainstream media does all they can to block those stories from our researchers. If your company is taking the stand against mandates, please let us know!

Companies Refusing to Impose Covid Vaccine Mandates on Employees:

Short of an actual injection of an experimental mRNA “vaccine” (or perhaps in addition to it), some companies are imposing a mask mandate on employees. If the vaccine works, as President Biden promised it does, no one should need to wear masks. If the masks worked, no one would need to wear two of them…or is it three?

Companies Imposing a Mask Mandate, Regardless of Vaccine Status for Employees:

Status of Federal Vaccine Mandates

If you try to keep track of the legal status of these vaccine mandates, you may need a visit to your local Emergency Room for neck injuries. Since the wait at the E.R. is so long due to vaccinated people with no symptoms showing up for a test, we recommend you just follow us here at 2ndVote. The Biden administration has introduced three vaccine mandates:

  • Federal workers and contractors (Executive Order)
  • Employers with 100 employees or more (OSHA Mandate)
  • Healthcare workers (CMS Mandate)


The Executive Order for federal workers covers about 2.5 million people who are employed by the federal government, any contractor actively working for the government, Veterans Affairs, and more. The OSHA Mandate impacts an estimated 100 million Americans, basically anyone working for a company with more than 100 employees. The CMS Mandate affects anyone working for a company that receives funds from Medicare or Medicaid. Of course, many employers have already instituted vaccine mandates ahead of the legal requirement to do so. If SCOTUS determines these mandates are unconstitutional (as they should), you will probably see Joe Biden saying he never forced a vaccine on anyone.

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments on two of the three federal mandates this Friday (January 7, 2022). The mandate for companies over 100 employees and the mandate for healthcare workers are both on the docket. According to The Telegraph, “Much of the argument on Friday will focus on legal procedure, which the court prefers rather than the vaccine strategy against Covid. Liberals increasingly disguise their politics as science, and the more they mischaracterize the Covid vaccines as good science the less willing any justice will be to challenge falsehoods by public health officials.” Since the Supreme Court tends to focus on procedure, this could have sweeping effects on how states and local governments respond as well, though states have very unique authorities that the federal government does not, thanks to the Tenth Amendment. At this point, the Supreme Court is not hearing anything on the mandate for federal workers and contractors.

Status of State Government Vaccine Mandates

If keeping track of the status of federal mandates is dizzying, the state mandates prove absolutely mind numbing. We found that the experts at BallotPedia are doing a wonderful job of tracking these changes. The following is their US map showing which states require vaccinations and which do not. Visit their website to see the interactive version.

Used with permission from: 


Status of major city government vaccine mandates

America’s city mayors and city councils are largely reflective of the 2020 Presidential Election in their mandate of vaccines for local government workers. Cities in liberal states largely require vaccines for employees, while cities in conservative states largely leave the choice up to employees. Following are some of the major US cities and their status on vaccine mandates.

Is all that clear? Do you now have a firm understanding of when and where a vaccine or a mask or a test is required and when you can take the mask off? Perhaps the question is whether we understand the power of personal liberty and peaceful civil disobedience. We always encourage obedience to the laws of the land. We also encourage you to know the difference between a law, an unlawful executive order, and a tyrannical government agency that re-defines terms like vaccine as often as they are exposed for being wrong.

If you still want to dive further into the rabbit hole, here are a few more sources of information (or disinformation):



Author: Bryant Haines

Date: 1/6/2022