Verizon Never Stops Working for Planned Parenthood

Verizon Never Stops Working for Planned Parenthood

Recently 2ndVote has been taking a deep dive into telecommunication companies which has produced a letter to the CEO of AT&T, and also an article on why exactly AT&T scores a 1 on 2ndVote’s scoring system. Today we are going to take a look at Verizon, and explain exactly why they score a 1.7.

Verizon scores a 1.7 overall, a 1 on the issues of environment and life, and a 2 on the remaining issues 2ndVote scores on. Verizon contributes to organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, and many more environmental organizations that support cap and trade which is why they are scored with a 1. What might be more concerning though is the message they convey with their funding surrounding abortion. Verizon directly contributes to Planned Parenthood, gives money to three organizations that contribute to Planned Parenthood, and funds three more organizations that are pro-abortion. Companies like Verizon and their support for Planned Parenthood is a big problem in this country because your consumer dollars should not be supporting the lefts infanticide movement. Our page of Planned Parenthood donors is constantly being updated, and by reaching out to these companies and telling them why you will not be spending your consumer dollars on their company is how we will make a difference.

2ndVote does come bearing good news, because there is a better alternative to Verizon! An ally to 2ndVote and all of our readers, Patriot Mobile, offers a conservative choice for consumers looking to step away from Verizon. Patriot Mobile  takes portions of their profits and donates them to Conservative organizations that stand for values that you align with, which is why Patriot Mobile scores a 5 on all 7 issues. So if you do decide to take a step away from Verizon and switch to Patriot Mobile, we encourage you to tell them that 2ndVote sent you.

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