VIDEO: Starbucks CEO Unaware of His Company’s Support for Planned Parenthood

VIDEO: Starbucks CEO Unaware of His Company’s Support for Planned Parenthood

When Starbucks closed over 8,000 stores this week to conduct “racial bias education,” a group of pro-life leaders penned an open letter to CEO Kevin Johnson explaining the company’s complicity in enabling America’s most racist organization: Planned Parenthood. The letter outlines how Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger and the abortion giant targets minority neighborhoods to this day.

Read the letter here.

Alveda C. King, niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., also wrote:

It’s time for corporations like Starbucks that claim to care about “racial-bias” to stop funding Planned Parenthood’s house of horrors, which has taken precious lives away from minority communities and from society at large.

Starbucks, if you’re really serious about eliminating racism, you will acknowledge that black people, and indeed all human beings, are of one blood and one human race, born and unborn. Racism and abortion are crimes against humanity.

However, in an interview this week, Johnson claimed he did not realize Starbucks supported Planned Parenthood’s racist abortion agenda.

Starbucks’s support for Planned Parenthood has been documented by 2ndVote, and apparently confirmed by a company spokesperson this week:

“Starbucks does not have a corporate relationship or sponsorship with Planned Parenthood. Starbucks is listed as a donor of an organization because the Starbucks ‘Partner Match’ program provides matched cash awards for contributions made by Starbucks partners (employees). … Most 501(c)(3) designated nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and most Registered Charities in Canada qualify to receive matching funds.”

If Starbucks actually does care about eliminating racism, shouldn’t they start by ending all financial ties to Planned Parenthood? Remember, by supporting the abortion giant, Starbucks is also complicit in the abortion industry’s links to sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

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