Violence On Either Side Should Never Be Tolerated

DC Riots

Violence On Either Side Should Never Be Tolerated

Most Americans haven’t forgotten what happened during the far-left riots last summer. Innocent people were viciously attacked and even murdered, businesses were looted and destroyed, and large areas of major cities were ungovernable for weeks. 2ndVote condemned political violence and those who enabled it – including many of the largest corporations in the country – and we continue to do so.

This is why 2ndVote also condemns the violence that took place in our nation’s capital on January 6th. The overwhelming majority of those who attended the rally were peaceful, patriotic Americans; we support their right to free speech and free assembly just like we support peaceful Black Lives Matter protests. But hundreds of misguided and irresponsible people instead chose to break into a government building and engage in dangerous acts of vandalism and violence, violence, of which resulted in five deaths, including Capitol Police officer Brian D. Snicknick. Their actions were inexcusable.

At 2ndVote, we believe in the peaceful and productive activism that empowers Americans and businesses who support our nation and its values. We do not support acts of self-indulgent extremism that only encourage our inflated government and leftist corporations to double down on their persecution of conservatives and traditional American values. Learning which corporations and organizations support radical left-wing causes, and encouraging people to take their business and their support elsewhere, is both morally right and more effective than breaking into government buildings and getting into fights with law enforcement.

We know that corporate and high tech social media will never hold itself to this standard. We saw them downplay, excuse, and even endorse the violence last summer. But we have to be better than them – not just in condemning violence, but in supporting responsible action and equal justice under the law. President Donald Trump’s demand that leftist rioters face lengthy jail sentences cannot be squared with his request that Capitol rioters simply go home. Just like many liberal mayors and governors, the president supported rioting when it was politically convenient – and it was just as wrong as when liberals did it. 

Once again, we condemn all political violence and call for equal justice under the law. We will restore our nation and its values through peaceful and effective action such as by denying radical leftist corporations our money, and by living by traditional American values of tolerance and “love thy neighbor as thyself” to set an example for our fellow Americans.