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Walgreens to Review Support for Sanctuary City Advocates

Representatives from the National Center for Public Policy Research confronted Walgreens executives at last week’s annual shareholder meeting over the company’s partnerships with left-wing activists that lobby for sanctuary city policies.

According to our research, Walgreens has supported the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and UnidosUS, formerly known as the National Council of La Raza. In 2015, LULAC organized a letter which was signed by La Raza asking Members of Congress to oppose legislation that would compel cities and municipalities to enforce standing immigration law. LULAC has also approved a resolution in support of sanctuary cities at its annual convention. Walgreens has also partnered with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the National Urban League, organizations that support sanctuary city policies as well.

At the shareholder meeting, Justin Danhof, Esq., General Counsel for the National Center, submitted the following questions:

  • Does Walgreens’ support of these groups indicate that Walgreens believes states and localities can flout federal law and not turn over the names of arrested illegal immigrants to federal authorities – even if they’ve committed violent felonies?
  • Because 80 percent of Americans surely include current and potential customers, do you see any potential downside for Walgreens related to the company’s support of groups lobbying for sanctuary cities and amnesty?
  • If these groups do not represent Walgreens’ position on immigration, then why would you fund them?
  • What exactly is the company’s stance on immigration reform?

Danhof’s complete statement can be viewed here.

Walgreens Vice President for Communications and Community Affairs Chuck Greener responded to these questions saying, “Having listened to your question and the points you’ve made… we’re going to go through all of our donations and certainly take those views into consideration.”

After the meeting, Danhof released the following statement:

I am pleased Walgreens committed to reviewing its charitable giving. It’s a shame, however, that executives wanted no part in answering the substance of our question during this public meeting.

Whether its executives acknowledge it or not, Walgreens is funding radical groups lobbying for illegal sanctuary city policies. They say their charitable contributions are not intended to weaken our immigration policies, but they were quick to cut me off when I reminded them that their money is fungible. Once Walgreens donates to a charity, it has no legal right to direct the charity’s actions.

Will Walgreens review its charitable giving policies with due diligence? The company’s leadership may be best influenced by customers who don’t want their shopping dollars to fund support for sanctuary cities. The buttons below will let you contact Walgreens corporate to tell them why supporting groups like LULAC and UnidosUS are bad for business.

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  • Danny Pollock

    Walgreens is too stupid t understand. The know hoe to steal your $$$ on drugs

  • kcir321

    From now on I will only go to CVS and get my friend and family to also

    • Dane Bounds

      CVS has an even worse record.

      • Franie

        And how do you know that?

    • Jack Ericsson

      CVS overcharges on nearly every prescription drug! This is fact. As for WalGreens supporting sanctuary cities, until I read the article I was unaware they were doing so. I’ll have to re-read the article, but do they support any programs for the Veterans?

  • Terry Story

    My note to Walgreens Corporate:

    This is not about a visit to a store but rather about the corporate policies for supporting organizations that promote flouting the federal laws of our nation with respect to immigration and those communities and in our case, the state, to provide information and cooperation with the federal authorities.

    You surely know that the federal government has a Constitutional responsibility for the processes that involve anything to do with anything outside the boundaries of the United States, and clearly the immigration process is one of those.

    Immigration is clearly among their responsibilities and states and cities that defy that are abrogating the Constitution and the rule of law in this country, and that cannot be allowed to stand. They will pay for what they are doing, and I think that Walgreens has some liability in terms of supporting organizations that are suborning violations of the Constitutional authority granted to the Federal Government.

    I does not matter whether you support or are sympathetic to those that are here in this country illegally, they are in violation of federal law and they should be dealt with by those authorities, not the cities or states that think that they are not bound by federal law.

    Please see to it that your charitable giving is consistent with the principles upon which this country was founded, and not the feel good for the moment do as you wish types that are apparently very vocal and even in positions of power in this country. If I were the attorney general I would prosecute those that are in violation of law and see then incarcerated! They should be, there is a way to change laws that we don’t like, and there is a way to also modify the Constitution, actually more than one, but those are the avenues that should be taken by those that want to see the illegal aliens in this country protected from being deported back to their home countries.

    • barbalicous

      all illegals should be deported, it is not a debatable issue, they violated our laws coming into this country illegally and that makes each and every one of them a criminal. It also shows disrespect for our country and the people who live here and who helped make this nation what it is. No I am not a racist because as far as I know illegal is not a race but a crime.

  • barbalicous

    I will move my business, I did not realize that Walgreens supported illegals. I do not think illegals should receive any support as they have already demonstrated their disrespect for the American citizen in violation of our immigration laws.

    • RealAmerican407


  • RealAmerican407

    Sent them an email telling them I refuse to allow them to use my dollars to fund radical agendas which harm this country.

    • Elizabeth Santelises

      Totally agree

    • Franie

      I sent them a letter too.

  • Ann Chorbi

    Please STOP…….it will never end unless we regain our country again from illegals, and free loaders…..
    We worked for what we got…our ancestors became citizens the legal way……why are you so liberal? What is it for you?
    Do you see what is happening in Europe right now? Do you not realize this will be USA if we don’t keep our constitution intact?

  • Judy Petitto

    STOP.Or I will never use Walgreens again.

    • Walt Davis

      Walgreens will never see another of my dollars if they give organizations money to support sanctuary cities!

  • Gerald Thompson

    We do not want Walgreens to support any group that supports sanctuary cities. Walgreens continues to support groups, like United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and Unidos United States (National Council of La Raza (formerly National Council of La Raza). LULAC approved a resolution in support of sanctuary cities at its annual convention. Walgreens has also partnered with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Urban Commerce, and the National Urban League. These organization support sanctuary cities. Please, do not support these groups any longer. I do not believe we should support illegals because they demand to have their rights, and act like heathens, and do not appreciate the United States. They are here illegally.

    • Elizabeth Santelises

      Boycot walgreend

  • Paul Frendahl

    Count me against corporations that disregard laws of this country. I applaud your efforts to hold Walgreens accountable.

  • Lollie L Lock

    I will refuse to buy from Walgreens due to support for sanctuary city support. I believe if anyone waits their time & enters the USA legally should be afforded help but should become citizens first.

    • Elizabeth Santelises

      Sick of illegal leaches

  • Allie Davis

    Didn’t know about their sanctuary city support. I stopped shopping at Walgreen’s when they fired a pharmacist for defending himself in the face of an armed robbery in the store. They can take their gun free zone policy and stuff it. Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

    • TheKnowerseeker

      I didn’t know about the gun-free thing. I imagine that all the big-name drug stores have such a policy, however; generally, just mom-and-pop small businesses may not.

  • Jason D Bulsa

    Criminals crossing into the US. CUSS have committed many Felonies by just coming here.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    Don’t use the (non-Facebook) link to contact them: The form requires your phone number, which I’m sure they will turn around and sell to third-party telemarketers if not simply hand over to La Raza.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    2ndvote, please give us a petition to sign, similar to AnywherebutTarget.

  • Mike Ringgold

    As long as they support these Cities I will be going else where.

  • Sel Dibowitz

    The executive personal feelings have NOTHING TO DO WITH BUSINESS It does not matter whether you are sympathetic to those that are here in this country illegally. How does that maker all of us who stood in line and came here legally feel.

  • Bill

    Well, so much for Walgreens. I will from this day forward sease to shop in any Walgreens. I only support companies that support US citizens and legal immigrants. How dare these people support lawlessness and an attempt to pad the ballot box.

    • Elizabeth Santelises


  • astrojohn

    Seems like EVERY corporation these days is funding illegal activity…

  • Bobinms

    As a very senior citizen, I’m a very frequent visitor to our local Walgreen’s. I don’t know why corporate level executives get involved in controversial political issues. No matter which side they choose, they will alienate and lose a good percentage of their customers. The NFL and Target are prominent examples. Take care of business and leave the politics to the politicians.

  • Joydsrm

    Respecting our American laws on immigration, or any other law, is what Americans do. If Walgreen needs a vote to decide to follow any American law, I feel that Walgreen’s policy is, “it is ok to sell out America to make more money.” What other laws will Walgreen “vote” to disregard?
    This disrespectful action is my reason to assert my right as an American citizen, by law, to disregard Walgreen as a business that I wish to support.

  • Jose Sanchez

    I will go to another Pharmaceuticals and stop using Walgreens if this Sanctuary Cities / Illegal Immigrant support does not stop.


    I am letting them know how we all feel and the fact that supporting ‘sanctuary cities’ is against the law! If they want to support their cause then maybe they should move their headquarters to MEXICO and get out of our country!


    WE ALL need to contact the above Walgreen corp. office and tell them that we will BOYCOTT all their stores for their unethical support of illegals and sanctuary cities! Come on people, do the above and contact them by submitting your comments and warn them that we intend to BOYCOTT their stores–hit them where the pockets are!

  • Karen Engelbrecht Schelhorn

    Just another reason I don’t use Walgreens as my pharmacy. They don’t really care for their customers, just the money they can make from you.

  • Brenda Palumbo

    Please do not support sanctuary cities. I am going to drop our account with Walgreens. If you don’t stop supporting them. They are a bunch of ruthless gangsters.

  • Franie

    If this is what WALGREENS thinks is right, well I’ve got news for them. I am supporting their competitor CVS with my business from here on out!

  • Joe

    I don’t think that by donating to a charity you endorse everything the charity does or says.

  • Aracelis Markley

    I had no idea that Walgreen advocate for sanctuary cities. I will not be their customer again. This is unacceptable.

  • April Chivers

    I’m disgusted that a “Sanctuary City” discussion is even going on! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH WALGREENS?!?!?!?! Seriously,I WILL NOT shop there AND I will be sure to tell EVERYONE I know that, that store supports protection of ILLEGAL immigrants…it WON’T fly well with the many people I know who live in Florida-who DON’T support it! I am sick and tired of idiots trying to push protection of illegal people in America. IT’S AN INVASION AND I’M OVER IT!!!!!!

  • Layman

    If Walgreens is supporting Sanctuary Cities or through outside channels supporting the illegal practice…i will now say I will never shop again at Walgreens, Ever ! I will Fact Check this before I make my mind up. CVS is looking better by the minute !

  • Layman

    As far as the ACLU goes they need to be banned and branded as a Terrorist Organization against the United States of America. All Executives and employees that do not cease and desist should be held for Treason and more and sent to Gitmo !