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Walmart: “Always Liberal Policies”

shutterstock_186861932“Always Low Prices” was Walmart’s marketing slogan for 19 years. However, some of the policy positions funded by the supermarket chain in recent years may indicate that Walmart’s corporate slogan is “Always Liberal Policies.”

Yesterday, legislation stalled in the United States Senate that would have limited sanctuary cities from receiving certain federal funds because of their policies that prohibit law enforcement from coordinating with immigration officials. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, over 340 cities and municipalities such as San Francisco and Philadelphia have sanctuary policies that shield around 1,000 immigrants from deportation every month nationally.

Two liberal organizations that have openly advocated for sanctuary cities are the League of United Latino American Citizens (LULAC) and the National Council of La Raza. Both of these organizations are members of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, an advocacy organization that sent a letter to Congress urging members to vote “No” on legislation designed to enforce immigration law in sanctuary cities in 2015. LULAC also certified its support for sanctuary cities in a resolution adopted during its annual convention.

However, both LULAC and La Raza receive considerable financial support from major corporations. 2ndVote released a resource that identifies which corporations have donated to or otherwise partnered with these liberal organizations that promote unsafe and, more importantly, lawless behavior, by local governments.

See the companies supporting liberal advocacy for sanctuary cities here.

The latest available financial documents show Walmart donations of $750,000 to La Raza and and $325,000 to LULAC in the same year. Also, Walmart’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs sits on La Raza’s Corporate Board of Directors.

Considering Walmart’s financial support for organizations attempting to undermine 1st Amendment protections for faith-based universities in California, it appears that the company is fully invested in funding the liberal agenda on critical issues.

Will you tell Walmart to stop supporting liberal organizations that are working to implement policies that destroy our Constitutional rights and promote policies that ultimately lead to unsafe cities? Visit our ACTION page to send Walmart a message today.

Be sure to see Walmart’s score in 2ndVote’s database here.