WalMart just turned 2ndVote Americans’ cheers into jeers

WalMart just turned 2ndVote Americans’ cheers into jeers

WalMart isn’t high on the 2ndVote list of corporations. They rank no higher than a “2” on any issue, and they are a “1” for financially supporting organizations that oppose gun rights. 

Regretfully, WalMart turned what was an opportunity to support the Second Amendment into yet another attack on Americans’ self-defense rights.

WalMart did right, then wrong.

WalMart almost received two cheers from the 2ndVote team. Their legal verification process stumped a mainstream reporter who thought she could get guns illegally at WalMart. The company also refused in early and mid-August to halt gun sales in light of recent mass shootings. 

For a major corporation which funds anti-gun activism and is far more stringent than it ought to be when it comes to selling guns, we were pretty happy.

That is, until Tuesday afternoon. They announced that they are ending handgun ammunition sales. They are also requesting that legal gun owners not openly carry firearms in WalMart stores.

Guns and law-abiding people aren’t the problem

As any reasonable person knows, guns don’t kill people. Law-abiding gun owners are not the cause of America’s gun fatality problem. Nor are guns; the 2ndVote Gun Cam proves that a gun under constant surveillance NEVER commits a crime on its own. Statistics on the site are likewise clear that violent individuals are the problem and will commit murder with whatever is available to them. 

Gun sellers are not the problem, either. As the aforementioned reporter found out, and as the Government Accountability Office reported in November 2017, it’s very difficult to illegally get a gun from sellers. The GAO made 72 efforts to buy guns online and succeeded in only two cases. In those two cases – less than three percent of sellers, let’s be sure to note – GAO contacted law enforcement. 

Sometimes, the government is the problem. The recent Odessa, Texas shooting happened a month after police were called about the alleged shooter threatening a neighbor with a rifle. Police never showed and the shooter never should have owned a firearm in the first place, according to media reports.

This is a common occurrence – the same government which liberals want the rest of us to trust to stop shooters completely missing obvious signs of future violence.

As mass shootings continue, it’s time for people to take a stand. Second vote Americans should urge WalMart to reverse course and stop kowtowing to the “woke” Twitter mob who, frankly, doesn’t buy guns and generally isn’t WalMart’s target market.