Watch: 2nd Vote’s Founder Sits Down With The Daily Caller

Ginni Thomas

“While many feel their country slipping away from the principles that made it great and exceptional – liberty, free markets, the Second Amendment and traditional values – one congressional spouse says the ‘greatest danger to America is one of apathy.’ “

Conservatives Can Now Stop Funding Political Adversaries With Tech App
The Daily Caller
February 28, 2016

“Imagine the purchasing power to be harnessed if the center-right started using its spending power, like the left has, to influence corporate America.”

“2nd Vote claims to be the leading advocate for conservative consumers, and is building a track record of demonstrating results. Just last week when Lands’ End chose to feature abortion advocate Gloria Steinem in its Easter catalog, 2nd Vote joined others to highlight this to their members. The company’s followed apology and retraction demonstrated the power of fed-up Americans working together in the marketplace of ideas outside of electoral politics.”

“ ‘There are extremists advancing very extreme, progressive, liberal, socialist, even communist agendas, and we need to wake up Americans to understand the foundational values of our nation,’ Black says in this 18-minute video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation. 2nd vote empowers citizens to use research and make informed choices.”

“Often corporations simply want to avoid negative publicity or swarmings, like Brendan Eich’s ousting from Mozilla over a small contribution to a faith-based initiative. Without a counter pressure, corporations feel they have no option but to ‘pay to play’ and accede to the left’s demands to avoid controversy.”

“2nd Vote, says Black, is not a think tank. ‘It’s an act tank.’ ”

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