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A Watched Gun Hasn’t Fired for Nearly One Year — GunCam Miracle?

Will the gun on 2ndVote GunCam make it through an entire year without committing a crime? The countdown is on…

American left and its allies in the media have long insisted that it is guns, and not people, that commit acts of violence. Pieces at Psychology Today, The NationThe Washington PostThe Huffington PostRolling Stoneand even the editorial board of the Journal of the American Medical Association have all supported the alleged accuracy of this notion.

Given this conclusion, it is nothing short of a miracle that 2ndVote’s GunCam video has recorded zero deaths and zero crimes committed by a gun which we have closely observed for nearly a year. Don’t take our word for it! Check out the live stream video below:

Perhaps we’re being unfair to those who believe inanimate objects can choose to kill human beings. That’s why we’re carefully scrutinizing GunCam. Will this pistol suddenly jump up and run away? Will it pivot and target the video camera by which it is being observed?

We doubt it. And like several companies which have recently separated from Dick’s Sporting Goods over its anti-Second Amendment corporate decisions, we’re very confident that no other guns will commit any crimes of any sort under their own volition. Like those companies, we know that millions of Americans safely use guns — many to defend themselves and their families.

Then again, Enterprise seems to disagree. So do dozens of other companies. Who is right — 2ndVote and America’s Founders, or these companies’ leaders who are afraid of anti-gun zealots?

The answer is still in the Great Unknown. So we shall continue our careful scrutiny of GunCam to ascertain the answer!

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  • Jim

    No gun locked up or not cannot do nothing unless a human being makes it do something, just like a car in the driveway cannot not kill if it just sets parked, The car can only turn over catch fire and burn up all the people in it when a human being gets inside and drives it down highway as if nothing can happen the them and then the car runs off road and shows it can kill anytime. If left in driveway nothing would happen, so a gun can do nothing until someone makes it do something, It will set there until it rust away

    • That is precisely why — before one can drive the car — drivers are required to pass a test and get licensed. Moreover, the state determines which vehicles are road worthy and what is required to maintain the vehicle. In summary, both the car and the driver must meet certain requirements and then be licensed. Moreover neither the vehicle license nor the driver’s license are issued in perpetuity. Both are subject to testing and renewal.

      • Rod Martin

        But owning a car is not a right in the constitution . While owning a gun and being able to defend yourself is

  • mikdutt

    The answer is YES – companies are afraid of Anti-gun zealots. These anti-gun hypocrites will sanction any number of deaths to get rid of the concept of self-defense and private gun ownership. And their only consistent attribute is that they have no knowledge of guns or ammunition. They are functionally ignorant about the issue, but would rather parrot the Socialist mantra than think for themselves.

  • Romeena

    Every day, 29 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This is one death every 50 minutes. The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $44 billion. So, let’s ban alcohol! Oh, wait. We tried that once, and it didn’t work out too well. I’m just pretty sure that banning guns will not work out much better. It will just open up a huge black market in gun sales, and while law-abiding people will be unarmed and defenseless, criminals will be well armed.
    The problem is not with the alcohol or the guns, it’s with the people involved. A bottle of whiskey, sitting stoppered on a shelf, will not harm anyone until some idiot drinks it, just like a loaded gun doesn’t shoot anyone until it’s in the hands of an irresponsible person. As usual, the myopic left doesn’t see the real picture. (I always wonder what color the sky is in their world.) Just making something illegal doesn’t mean that it will just disappear. Drugs are illegal, but there’s a huge – HUGE – and profitable active market for them. Most any kid older than ten can probably direct you to a pusher, whether they personally use drugs or not. We tried making alcohol illegal, and bathtub gin and rum runners were born. You can outlaw guns, but they’ll still be on the streets. It’s like locking a door – it only keeps out honest people.