We Are the Counter-Culture and Our Vote Counts

We Are the Counter-Culture and Our Vote Counts

By: Elaine Fields, 2ndVote Contributor

God wants you to be in the world, but so different from the world that you will change it. Get cracking.
-Mother Angelica

Be not afraid! 

He warns us, reassures us, and calls us to action: We’re like sheep among wolves, struggling against powers of darkness; but He’s with us always and has plans for our welfare; we must remain salty or what good are we, and be lights on a stand, not hidden. You can probably think of more.

The desire to be liked, accepted, and well thought of, to avoid tension, confrontation, and hostility, while not always laudable, is understandable. But, we’re up against more than that. The opposition doesn’t want to debate, they want conformity. Our non-conformity must be silenced, so it earns us labels as hateful bigots, phobics, and deniers. Rejoice!  

If we discredit gender ideology with science and common sense, we are trans-haters. If we express concern for children ushered into “gender transition,” we are trans-phobes. If we give reasons for not believing climate alarmism, we are climate-deniers. If we cite statistics proving there is no systemic racism in law enforcement, we are racists. If we fail to use pronouns that falsify one’s sex, we are haters. If we counter Critical Race Theory with facts, we are white supremacists. 

Yet, we must do all these things and more in defense of the things that matter most, like truth, faith, and our children, the republic, the Constitution, and our God-given freedoms.

Salt and Light in the World

The opposition is committed and passionate about transforming America. We must be more so. Some of these actions may be right for you. 

  • Find and support truth-telling media outlets and other organizations fighting the culture war.
  • Get involved with parent groups fighting woke indoctrination in schools; you don’t have to have a child in the school. One way to find these groups is on Facebook or by attending county Republican club meetings. 
  • Get educated on CRT, climate, gender ideology, ESG, the effects of gun ownership and gun laws on crime, Marxism, the Constitution, U.S. history, local politics. 
  • Ask to see textbooks at local schools, then inform citizens on what you find. Search the school library online for disturbing books teaching gender ideology and racism. 
  • Comment at school board meetings.
  • Send many emails to elected officials, companies, school authorities. 
  • Run for local or county office, or for the Central Committee for your political party. 
  • Follow news organizations, politicians, and other influencers on social media and comment with respectful, factual posts. Be a charitable voice of dissent and reason.
  • Let your faith and patriotism show. 


You vote for change (or status quo) with every action you take. Make your second vote count and get engaged in your community, your state, and your nation. 

If we do what we can, our Lord will make it fruitful.

Let’s get cracking.