This Week’s Scores At-A-Glance, 01/13/17

This Week’s Scores At-A-Glance, 01/13/17

Our goal at 2ndVote is to keep you informed on causes that corporations are supporting with your money, in order to assure that they are held accountable for their actions.

Entities that have been updated this week include the following:

L.L. Bean

Our research this week includes some brand new companies that have been added to our database, like L.L. Bean and Lyft, as well as several other updates. You’ll also want to see our blogpost on how L.L. Bean took a big stand against liberal activists earlier this week. With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, be sure to check out the National Football League’s (NFL’s) score of 2, which is lean liberal on our 2ndVote scale. In case you were not aware, the NFL does not allow gun ads to broadcast during games, earning the organization a liberal score of 1 on 2nd Amendment issues.

We will continue to provide you with corporate advocacy information like this to consider. Remember that your voice and dollar makes a difference! Be sure to download our free app from the App Store or Google Play to see all the scores in our database and join us in the fight to take back our country.