Wendy’s Cups Support Adoption over Abortion

Wendy’s Cups Support Adoption over Abortion

Adopted as a child himself, Wendy’s (3 – Neutral) founder Dave Thomas became one of America’s biggest supporters of adoption. Forever grateful for what adoption meant in his life, he started the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in 1992. The foundation remains as the signature philanthropy project of The Wendy’s Company.

Earlier this week, Live Action recognized Wendy’s for supporting adoption instead of following the lead of liberal company’s that fund the abortion industry:

While celebrities are loudly screaming their support for Planned Parenthood and abortion, organizations like the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption are quietly doing the hard work of helping vulnerable children, women, and families in need. Perhaps celebrities should take note and spend less energy telling women they must have abortion to be successful, and spend more time and effort doing the work of supporting women and children whose mothers chose life.

Live Action also highlighted the current Wendy’s initiative in partnership with Dr. Pepper (3 – Neutral), Coca-Cola (1 – Liberal), and Snapchat to raise money for the Dave Thomas Foundation in honor of National Foster Care Month. With every Snapcode scanned on the “Spread the Love” cause cups, Wendy’s will donate $5 to the foundation’s efforts to support adoption.

Doesn’t that sounds like a much better way to use a beverage cup design?

Let Wendy’s know you support companies that chose adoption over abortion. Use the links below to contact company leadership directly:

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