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West Point Football Receives Criticism For Prayer

The Army’s football record has been less than stellar over the past few years, so upon a win two weeks ago, the team celebrated in prayer together. The video that captured that moment has since been removed from Facebook all thanks to one petty complaint.

West Point Superintendent, Lt. General Robert Caslen, told the Washington Post about the irony of the situation. He said that nearly 90 percent of the crowd supported the prayer; it was just that slim percentage who caused a ruckus. Young men and women attend West Point to defend our freedoms, and it is so unfair to think that our military is being stripped of its due religious liberty.

Lt. General Jerry Boykin shared his insightful perspective on the situation:

“Instead of building young men into much-needed leaders in the U.S. Army, officials at West Point are more concerned with listening to endless complaining of those who want our warriors to be stripped of their most precious armor – their faith.”

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