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What Conservatives Did to Pull Off Religious Liberty Win in California



According to an article from the Daily Signal,  religious liberty advocates in California earned a major victory by forcing the author of SB 1146 to drop controversial provisions from the legislation that would have curtailed the 1st Amendment protections for private religious colleges.

“We were able to see tens of thousands of people mobilize to make calls and to write their legislators, and to participate in the political process,” William Jessup University President John Jackson told The Daily Signal in a phone interview.

“We were hearing from legislators who said they had gotten hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of phone calls on just this one piece of legislation,” he added. “And to think that’s a tremendous, tremendous encouragement to me for the health of our state.”

Under the previous wording, SB 1146 would have ultimately blocked low-income students from receiving Cal Grants, California’s system of need-based tuition aid, if they attended colleges with policies such as bathroom use based on biological sex that violated the state’s LGBT policies. It also would have enabled students who feel discriminated against in light of these policies to bring a lawsuit against their college.

“Without a doubt, the unmodified version {of the bill} would have jeopardized Christian institutions and egregiously penalized all students of faiths,” Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, said in a statement.

2ndVote has detailed the controversy the bill’s author, Senator Ricardo Lara, has encountered as the chief sponsor of SB 1146 on our blog – read the story here.

Walmart has also been an active supporter of SB 1146 and its restrictive nature on the religious liberty in California. 2ndVote has scores for the companies working to undermine your religious liberty. To view the list, click here.

With this monumental win in the Golden State conservatives must remain vigilant to oppose similar encroachments in the future.

2ndVote will continue to provide updates as needed.