What is “Criteria 4”?

HRC’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI) has a lot less to do with “equality” than its name would seem to imply. This is because earning a top score of 100 on the CEI, means that a company must receive maximum points under “Criteria 4,” which demands adherence to HRC’s requirements to promote the LGBT platform.

In order to fulfill the requirements of “Criteria 4,” a company must first “demonstrate ongoing LGBT-specific engagement that extends across the firm” in the following ways:

  • Actively recruit LGBT employees.
  • Demonstrate effort to contract with LGBT suppliers.
  • Directly market to LGBT consumers and/or feature LGBT content in advertising.
  • Sponsor LGBT organizations or events.

Additionally, a company must “implement corporate giving guidelines prohibiting philanthropic giving to non-religious organizations that have a written policy of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identity and/or have a policy explicitly permitting its own chapters, affiliates, etc.”

Essentially, companies that receive full credit under “Criteria 4” have made a public commitment to:

Elevate LGBT matters and promote special protected class status for “sexual identity.”


Punish organizations that affirm values opposite of HRC’s LGBT agenda.

In other words, companies that score a 100 hundred on the CEI are agreeing to push the values of the LGBT agenda while agreeing to help HRC bully charities and non-profits that operate in accordance with traditional values.

HRC has a very long record of finding “discrimination” anytime the accusation fits the liberal, LGBT agenda. When these companies agree to the demands of “Criteria 4,” they’re really agreeing to do HRC’s bidding in the name of that agenda.

  • donawyo

    Wow. Thanks for letting us know. This is so big. Please, God, help.

  • Paul Uzel

    I REALLY WANT TO THANK you folk at 2nd Vote!!!! You are providing a wonderful wealth of retailers and other industry names that I can promote as actually CARING about the poor, the needy, those with genders other than “male”, those against whom discrimination has been targeted, people of color, the peacemakers, indeed all those for whom Jesus said we SHOULD be working and loving. EVEN the prisoners who are such because of that they themselves have done are in need of God’s love. And YOU are helping me. All I have to do is stand your program on its head, realize that it isn’t hard to get a “3”, so I should simply AVOID all the places you rate with a “5” or “4”, and certainly patronize places you rate “1” and “2”. Thank you!