What the Supreme Court’s Ruling Means for Transgender Bathrooms in Schools



According to the Daily Signal, in the case of a transgender student, the Supreme Court grants a Virginia school district temporary permission to keep bathrooms separated by biological sex.

“In a 5-3 vote, the justices issued a stay in the case involving a transgender student in Gloucester County who is suing his school board to gain access to the boys’ restrooms. The stay halts a lower court’s order that said the school board must allow the transgender teen, Gavin Grimm, into the bathroom that corresponds with the student’s gender identity.”

According to the stay, if the school board’s petition for the Supreme Court to hear the  case is denied, the stay will terminate automatically, and Gavin will be allowed to use the boys’ bathroom. If the court decides to take the case, the stay will remain in effect until the justices reach a final decision.

“The lawsuit alleges that by prohibiting Gavin from using the boys’ restrooms, the school board’s policy violates Title IX, the federal statute that bans discrimination on the basis of sex.”

Jeremy Tedesco, a lawyer at the Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom, told the Daily Signal that, “It’s a significant that the Supreme Court said we’re going to put a hold on that-we’re going to preserve the status quo as it’s always been in society, as it’s always been in schools.”  This moment comes as a significant step in the right direction for the fight against the bathroom bill.

Read 2ndVote’s report yesterday on the corporations that are currently funding Equality Federation by sponsoring Equality VA’s annual dinner. The Equality Federation is a nationwide network of liberal LGBT advocates that have consistently fought religious liberty protections and supported dangerous policies such as the so-called “bathroom bills” in multiple states like Georgia, North Carolina, and Missouri.

2ndVote will continue to follow this story as it develops.