#WhyWeMarchForLife: Protecting The Unborn From These Planned Parenthood Enablers

#WhyWeMarchForLife: Protecting The Unborn From These Planned Parenthood Enablers

Each year, tens of thousands — sometimes hundreds of thousands — of pro-life advocates from across the nation travel to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life. As we do every year, 2ndVote proudly joins them today in fighting for the unborn and their mothers.

The March for Life opposes one of the great injustices of the modern world: widespread killing of innocent children in the womb. Planned Parenthood is the largest organization which engages in this heinous act — thanks in part to its corporate enablers. And Planned Parenthood isn’t alone; the so-called Women’s March is also pro-abortion and also funded by some of America’s most respected corporations.

Contrast this to the March for Life non-profit. Like Planned Parenthood, it’s considered a charitable organization. Unlike Planned Parenthood, it focuses on helping women and children. It wants mothers, fathers, and children to have full and loving lives together, not see the fruits of life crushed for profit and convenience.

And unlike The Women’s March, the organizers of today’s pro-life protest follow all relevant laws. Pro-life advocates are peaceful protesters. The Women’s March supported mob rule during the Kavanaugh hearings last year, which led to the arrests of hundreds of people.

So who are the corporations that allow Planned Parenthood and The Women’s March to violate these core 2ndVote values? Follow the links below and let them know that you stand with the unborn and their mothers, not with abortion radicals.

Planned Parenthood’s corporate supporters.

Women’s March sponsors: