WNBA Team Promotion: Abortion Night

WNBA Team Promotion: Abortion Night

The Seattle Storm of the WNBA plan to support the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, during their home game against Chicago on July 18th.  Breitbart reports that this is the first time a sports team has celebrated abortion by partnering with Planned Parenthood at one of its games.  The team’s owner, Dawn Trudeau, is a long-time Planned Parenthood donor, dating back to her teenage years.

The Storm will donate $5 from every ticket to support Planned Parenthood. Additionally, there will be other pro-abortion events, including an auction benefitting and a rally supporting the abortion business.  The owner even suggested that she is not concerned about losing pro-life fans who do not want to support what they view as murder (in response to a question from a Politico reporter concerning potential risks of such a statement):

“We talked about it, certainly. What’s the worst-case scenario? Would we alienate season ticket holders? Would we keep people from coming to the games? Would we take media hits? We went through all of that and decided we would deal with whatever came up, and we made it clear to the staff that this was something we were doing as owners.”

The Storm’s ownership claimed to Politico that, while the league offices are not taking part in the promotion, the WNBA (2.4) and NBA (2.7) have been supportive.  On other issues, as shown by 2ndVote research, the WNBA does have a record of taking liberal stands, especially related to marriage and religious liberty.  The NBA has additionally funded Planned Parenthood through a United Way chapter.  Click above to see 2ndVote’s full research on the leagues.

2ndVote also has information on companies that support Planned Parenthood to enable you to shop with your values.  Large companies, including Nike, Starbucks, and Patagonia support the abortion company.  Click here to see the full list of companies that fund Planned Parenthood.