WND: Target Pursues “Aggressive LGBT Stance” Despite Falling Revenues

Does anything Target does come as a big surprise anymore? Despite the fact that the retailer has seen drops in sales since implementing their transgender bathroom policy, the store has introduced #TakePride on social media again to advertise their rainbow “pride” products.

WND offers an interesting timeline of the LGBT advocacy that Target has shown over the years. While the company has leaned left on multiple policy issues, the decision to allow men into women’s restroom and fitting room facilities is what really turned people away from the retailer. As Target struggles to regain customer support and trust, they have made decisions to cut the pay of their CEO in recent weeks and have even fired several executive employees.

Upon Target’s irresponsible decision to promote transgender bathrooms, we responded at 2ndVote with our #AnywhereButTARGET campaign. You can still sign the pledge and vow to keep your dollars away from Target. Show the retailer that you place customer safety and values above a radical social agenda!