Worst. Christmas. Decoration. Ever.

Worst. Christmas. Decoration. Ever.

You’ve probably never sat back with a cup of hot chocolate, admiring your newly decorated Christmas tree and thought: What this tree needs is more Hillary Clinton.

Well, we haven’t either.

However, a group of leftists are trying to “modernize” the traditional, typically angelic Christmas tree topper with something not-so-angelic. For £80.00 (over $100.00), Womentolookupto.com, a U.K. based n0n-profit, is selling plaster-molded likenesses of Hillary Clinton, complete with iconic pantsuit and angel wings, to take the place of the angel on your tree. [article continues below]

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We should also add the item description calls the Hillary topper “the most presidential of tree toppers” without a hint of irony.

According to the website, all profits from the sales of these decorations other items will go to vaguely described “empowerment” programs.

Of course, if you’re reading this post, we realize you’re likely not in the market for a Hillary Clinton tree topper. And you’re even less likely to patronize a business that will fund liberal activism. That’s why we put together this year’s Naughty & Nice Guide to show conservative shoppers the best retailers for their Christmas dollars.

Download the free report here to see why Hobby Lobby makes a much better option for Christmas decorations and tree toppers. You can also see which retailers made the Nice List in the infographic below:


H/T: The Daily Caller