Your Guide to Easter Candy from 2ndVote

Your Guide to Easter Candy from 2ndVote

You might be surprised to learn that Easter has become the 4th largest “shopping holiday” in the United States. While we don’t often associate the Easter celebration with consumerism, Americans spent over $18 billion associated with the holiday on food, clothing, candy, and more in 2018.

Our Everyday Shopping Guide has several options for the best retailers to visit year-round, but our research has found there are important choices to be made when it comes to selecting the candy to fill this year’s Easter baskets.

For example, marshmallow Peeps may be one of the most iconic treats associated with Easter. However, Just Born (2.9 – Lean Liberal), the maker of Peeps is a partner of a United Way chapter that funds abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Other popular items like Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Eggs and chocolate bunnies made by Nestlé are also problematic for conservatives. Hershey’s (2 – Lean Liberal) has directly donated to the Human Rights Campaign and partners with  a United Way chapter that gives to Planned Parenthood, while Nestlé (2.4 –  Lean Liberal) is a member of a business coalition that supports cap-and-trade policies. Also, Mars (2.1 – Lean Liberal) is a corporate partner of the sanctuary city advocate LULAC.

Fortunately, our 2ndVote research team has identified better alternatives to these companies that allow you to fill your Easter basket up without sacrificing your values. Russell Stover (3 – Neutral), Lindt (3 – Neutral), and Jelly Belly (3.6 – Lean Conservative) offer great Easter themed products, and more importantly score well on the 2ndVote scale. Russel Stover and Lindt are neutral across the board, while Jelly Belly scores a 3.6 because of their contributions to the pro-life, pro-traditional marriage organization, The Salvation Army. We commend Russell Stover, Lindt, and Jelly Belly for not following in the footsteps of their liberal competitors’ acvitism.

And to make sure you are not supporting any stores that don’t support your values, we have put together a list of stores to buy candy made by Russell Stover, Lindt, and Jelly Belly. Check out these Neutral (3) or higher retailers below.

Winn Dixie (3.1 – Lean Conservative)
99 Cents Only Stores (3 – Neutral)
Aldi (3- Neutral)
Dollar Tree (3 – Neutral)
Family Dollar (3 – Neutral)
Food City (3 – Neutral)
Schnucks (3- Neutral)

Have a great Easter weekend from the whole 2ndVote team.

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