2ndVote’s New Year’s Resolution: Partnering With You To Hold Corporations Accountable

2ndVote’s New Year’s Resolution: Partnering With You To Hold Corporations Accountable

2ndVote’s mission is to empower conservatives to spend their “2ndVote” consumer dollars in ways that are consistent with your values. We’ve been doing this in partnership with conservative groups, individuals, elected officials, and more ever since our founding.

Our New Year’s Resolution is to work even more closely with you to hold corporations accountable. We plan to do this through several key initiatives:

  1. Using daily blog posts, social media, and our e-mail list to continue informing and inspiring conservative Americans to take action.
  2. Use our growing network of influencers inside and outside of politics to spread the message of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  3. Continue to dive deep into what corporations and non-profits are doing with your money. We’ve exclusively exposed United Way, The Laura & John Arnold Foundation, the National Football League, Target, and other influential organizations; we’re aiming to do that even more in 2019.

All of these initiatives require one important common factor: you, the 2ndVote conservative. We can do research, post on social media, and tell conservative leaders about corporations all day. What makes real change is you acting on the moral and cultural values which drive you to support your families, communities, and nation.

So tell us: what can we do to work more closely with you? What messages resonate with you and those in your lives? How can we get you more involved in taking back our culture from leftist ideologues at corporations and non-profits which use conservatives’ dollars to end unborn lives, back sanctuary cities, and destroy the Second Amendment?

Tell us here or comment below.

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