Christmas Shopping ‘Shocker’: Best Buy’s Electronics Power Left-Wing Radicalism

Christmas Shopping ‘Shocker’: Best Buy’s Electronics Power Left-Wing Radicalism

You know that feeling you get when you accidentally shock yourself with static electricity? Life’s all good, and BAM! you feel the jolt? That’s what it feels like to shop at Best Buy this Christmas season.

Best Buy is among America’s leading electronics retailers. They sell great stuff. Yet, when 2ndVote shoppers find out how bad Best Buy is for their values, it’s a shock to know that your dollars are used to support abortion advocacy, environmental radicalism, and other liberal causes.

Our research shows the facts — Best Buy is a direct advocate for liberal values.

On the environment, Best Buy is a direct signer of support for the economically destructive Paris Climate Deal. On abortion, they are a corporate supporter of the Center for Reproductive Rights — a group which pushes for abortion throughout the developing world.

Furthermore, Best Buy is no better on marriage or religious liberty. They structured their practices to meet the Human Rights Campaign’s preferences. This resulted in Best Buy receiving a score of 100 on Human Rights Campaign‘s Corporate Equality Index.

If you’re looking for electronics this year, we suggest you look into the selection at as an alternative. Not only will you be doing business with a company that aligns with your values, but you will be able to send Best Buy a message with your dollars to put customers — not left-wing advocacy — first!

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